The TED Technology team loves to share. On the HelloTED blog, we covered the work-in-progress of redesigning and rebuilding You can still read all about that here — we’re keeping it up as a capsule of the distinctive time period of developing a redesign. And we hope you’ll join us over at our column on the TEDBlog, for the ongoing adventures and behind-the-scenes of the TED Technology Team. Keep in touch @TEDTalks.

TED Talks premiered in June 2006, with six 18-minute videos and the hope of spreading ideas. Seven years on we had over 1,700 talks, translated into more than 100 languages, in a digital landscape very different from the one in which we first launched. We undertook the beginning of our major rebuild/redesign in late 2012, and our first beta went live in November 2013. We’ve now fully moved over to the new and improved, built to address the needs of our global, mobile audience — and to support the internal needs of TED staff.