Switching between the new and old designs

Posted by on Oct 31, 2013 in Release updates

TED.com 2.0 is in full launch now! After several months in beta, we had our public launch on March 4, 2014, and retired TED 1.0 in May 2014. Read more about that on hello.ted. And as always, tell us what you think

We’re very excited about the new TED.com beta designs we’ve started to roll out. The beta is in full public launch mode, so everyone will have access to the new pages. While we hope you’re as pleased as we are with the direction we’re going, you may find yourself wanting to go back to the old design on occasion — if even to simply compare it with the new. We’ve made it easy for you to do that.

The time traveler’s link

On pages that we’ve rebuilt, you’ll see a link at the upper right corner of the page to opt-out of the beta site and bring you back to the old design.

Switch to the old site

Back to the future

When you decide you want to go back to the new design, you can find a link to go back, in about the same place on the original site.

Switch to the new site

The vanishing

Lastly, sometimes you may suddenly see an old design despite having access to the new beta. That’s because we haven’t rolled out all the rebuilt areas of the new site just yet. Don’t worry, though. You still have early beta access. When you revisit other areas, like when you head to the home page or watch a talk, you’ll see the new design again.

This post was updated on 3/3/14 and 5/15/14

Aaron Weyenberg

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