What’s new in Beta 5

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The tech team just rolled out Beta 5 of the redesign. This beta release is comprised mostly of important back-end changes — if you saw the site during beta 4 you won’t notice much that has changed in the last couple of weeks, but still waters run deep. We asked Dan Russell, our head of […]

Merry Beta 3!

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Beta 3 released today, to wrap up the 2013 calendar year. The team has been busy reading our user feedback and addressing issues one by one. Here’s a quick summary of what’s new in this build: TED.com user profile updates One of our goals for the new 2.0 site is to have an individual’s profile page […]

Lessons from user testing

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While rebuilding TED.com, we conducted over a dozen rounds of usability testing – sometimes testing multiple parts of the site on the same day. We learned the limits of our teleconferencing system, plus how much bandwidth it takes to run a prototype, two videocameras and our UX designers ragged. As the person tasked with making sure we […]

User feedback, by the numbers

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User feedback, by the numbers

People can surprise you: they find hidden gems you never noticed, point out problems you were blind to, and offer up left-field ideas that spark new directions. They have nothing to gain by sugarcoating their feedback, and while it’s not always easy to hear, it’s necessary.