Our new iOS update, inspired in part by Mad Libs

Posted by on May 30, 2014 in New features, Release updates

iOS promo art

The latest update to our iOS app has some cool new features, all made with one goal in mind: giving you a ton of options for finding new talks.

To this end, we’ve added a tab in the app called “Discover.” At the top of the screen, you’ll see the words: “Today, I’d like to learn about ___________.” This blank auto-populates with a topic—it could be “art,” “drones,” “magic,” “biomimicry,” “aging,” “bees,” you name it. The inspiration for this quirky new feature came from the joy of an unexpected word scribbled in a blank in Mad Libs. Scroll left until you find a topic that piques your interest; then click through to find a selection of talks, all on that tangent.

Right below, you’ll notice that we’ve brought one of the most popular features on our website to the mobile experience: Playlists. You’ll see our most recent lists highlighted—this week it’s “Toys!” and “A trip to the museum”—but you can see many, many more of our carefully curated lists by clicking on the “Playlists” tab, just in case you’d be more into “The future of medicine” or, say, “A better you.” All of our playlists can be downloaded so you can watch them even when wi-fi drops off.

Right beside the “Playlists” tab, you’ll see the option to search for talks by “Tags” or by “Languages.” Because TED Talks are now available with subtitles in 104 languages, we’ve created a handy list so that you can see all the talks in Azerbaijani and Vietnamese, and every language that comes alphabetically in between.

The other changes in this update aren’t so exciting to read about—mainly bug fixes and speed improvements—but they will make the experience of watching talks on your iPhone or iPad just a bit smoother. We hope you have fun playing with the new app. The update is available now through the App Store. iOS7 users who opted for auto-updates—you’ll already have the right version in place.